Meet Crochet Designer Therese Hagstedt


Therese Hagstedt, known to her Instagram and blog followers as TipsyTessie, lives in Gothenburg, Sweden, where she is an all-around crafter, as well as an accomplished photographer specializing in weddings, children, artwork, interior design/decorating, books, and craft projects. TSB is proud to have published her bright and delightful pattern book COLORFUL CROCHET in the English language.

As well as designing, crocheting, knitting, and running her professional photography business, Hagstedt is a senior research scientist for a pharmaceutical company, a wife, and mother to two sons. She also loves cooking and yoga, and practicing a “healthy lifestyle” is very important to her.


Photo by Therese Hagstedt

Hagstedt finds inspiration in everyday life. “I see a color combination or a pattern that I like and instantly try to translate it to knitting or crochet project,” she says. “That is the process that is ongoing in my head, all the time, everywhere. Also I find a lot of inspiration on Pinterest, which has almost become an everyday addiction.”

With an aim to inspire and design crafts that are modern and fresh for today, and to convince people that “colors make you happy,” Hagstedt doesn’t have a specific workspace. “I have a desk where I sometimes sit and work, but I get inspired everywhere in life, and my different projects are usually all over the place in our home,” she admits. “I really like to try an idea that I have immediately, so I need access to my crafting things all the time. It’s organized chaos, maybe?”

And what’s her favorite thing to make?

ColorfulCrochet“I really, really love doing granny squares,” Hagstedt says. “I think it is the endless possibilities with different combinations and that you can start with a project or idea and you don’t know what it will be in the end. Sometimes I just want to try an idea and then it ends up as something completely different than it was from the start.”

You can find Hagstedt’s granny squares, and other wonderful projects for crocheters of all levels in COLORFUL CROCHET, available from the TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is FREE.

CLICK HERE for more information or to order.

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