5 Reasons We Love Knitting Afghans

“One of the reasons I love designing and knitting afghans is the wonderful flexibility they offer,” says renowned knitwear designer Martin Storey and author of the book AFGHAN KNITS. Here are five more motives for giving your knitting needles a chance to play with an afghan pattern (or seven!):

1 Because the patterns are so straightforward, you can go to town on a great range of textured stitches or brilliant color ways, or a combination of the two.

2 Projects composed of afghan squares or strips are so portable, you can knit on trains, boats, and planes, on your lunch break or on the beach, all with your knitting project fitting conveniently into a small bag.

3 For knitting addicts, there’s room to play, for novice knitters, nothing could be simpler.

4 With size, the sky is the limit! It is easy to change a small project into a much bigger throw, or a larger one into something you can complete sooner, if the mood takes you. Look at the projects above from Martin Storey’s book AFGHAN KNITS: The same basic pattern can be a placemat, a table runner, or a beach blanket!

5 Patterns can be converted to hardier fare: for example, a blanket can become a rug by choosing thicker yarn and bigger needles.


AfghanKnitsWhy do YOU love knitting afghans? Share your reasons—we’d love to know what moves your creative muse!

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