Heart Handmade? 5 Craft Books for Parents and Kids

Today, when it comes to our kids, we value handmade. We like to know the materials used and whether they were responsibly sourced and are safe for our children to wear and handle. And in this increasingly technical and digital world, we also like our kids to have time with soft, cozy playthings that someone who loves them made.

Here are four craft books with dozens of easy patterns you–or the other crafter in your family–can use to make toys, garments, and accessories that everyone can enjoy and feel good about! Plus, one book that’s an excellent first sewing book, just for kids!

Handknits for Baby1 HANDKNITS FOR BABY by Marie Claire Idées

Take your pick of 34 designs for a baby’s wardrobe that couldn’t be simpler. With even the most complicated pattern instructions, finishing techniques, and sizing changes laid out using Marie Claire’s straightforward, easy-to-understand method, knitters of all levels of experience can create delightful garments and accessories. Diagrams are simple and clear, with arrows pointing the way so you know where to look; instructions are numbered, and carefully positioned to make it easy to understand where you’ll be in the project as you follow them; and color-coded illustrations make finishing seams a snap. With over 30 patterns to choose from for babies up to 12 months old–from ponchos to overalls and tunics to hoodies–the most difficult thing you’ll have to do is decide which one to make first!


BabyGiftstoKnit2 BABY GIFTS TO KNIT by Marie Claire Idées

Over 60 charming patterns from Marie Claire’s exceptional collection, in gentle colors and a variety of styles, all designed just for babies–including booties, undershirts, hats, coats, dresses, sweaters, blankets, pillows, and snuggly stuffed animals. With hundreds of diagrams and color photos to guide novice and expert knitters alike, it has never been easier to delight growing families with beautiful hand-knit gifts, and pamper babies from first smile to first step!


CrochetedBaby3 CROCHETED BABY: HATS & BOOTIES by Küçük Sevde

This delightful collection of matching hats and booties offers dozens of cute combinations and photo-worthy styles to suit any baby. Whether parents prefer classic looks or lean toward the playful, whether wool is best or cotton more comfortable, and no matter the season, you’re bound to find the perfect fit. Help baby stay cozy on those frosty mornings and provide stylish shelter from the summer sun. Craft colorful characters like a smiling frog or wide-eyed owl, a pirate mouse or a charming kitten. Crochet projects with or without earflaps, pompoms, ankle ties, beads, buttons, or flowers—the possibilities are endless!


Crochet Gifts for Baby4  CROCHETED GIFTS FOR BABY by Jennifer Stiller

Whether clothes, toys, or ideas for the nursery, the projects in this sweet crochet collection for babies and toddlers up to 24 months help make the perfect handmade home. From classics like the first pair of shoes, the first cozy blanket or cuddly animal friend, to trendy new ideas like picture frames, a fun rattle, or a tiny hat, this charming mix of ideas will delight, filling your home with handmade warmth, comfort, and color.



Kids Learn to Stitch5  KIDS LEARN TO STITCH by Lucinda Guy & François Hall

Kids Learn to Stitch introduces children to the creative world of hand sewing. The latest in the successful “Kids Learn to…” series, following on from Kids Learn to Knit and Kids Learn to Crochet (which combined sold almost 20,000 copies), this book enlists the help of the same two original animal characters, Pip and Peg, who starred in the earlier books. With their clever tips and advice, children learn how to use a sewing needle and thread to make simple projects, some practical and others decorative, with six fun designs to complete.


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