Kids at Home? It’s a Great Time to Sew!

Kids Learn to Stitch_Big Bad Bug-4We’re all in the midst of weeks of homeschooling and disruption to our kids usual schedules. In an effort to find positive opportunities in the challenges we’re facing, perhaps now is a chance to introduce new skills that might not have found time in students’ busy schedules before.

TSB Craft Editor Kim Cook recommends the book KIDS LEARN TO STITCH by Lucinda Guy as a great starter guide for youngsters who want to create with their hands. Charmingly illustrated by artist François Hall, KIDS LEARN TO STITCH enlists the help of the two original animal characters, Pip and Peg, to teach children how to use a sewing needle and thread to make simple, practical, and decorative projects.

We’re happy to offer this FREE DOWNLOAD of the pages for learning Straight Stitches, to share with your kids.


Kids Learn to Stitch_Straight Stitch-7

Do your children prefer to work from the blog? Here is an excerpt for your convenience:

Now you are ready to make your first stitches—straight stitches!
Straight stitches can be short or long.
Short straight stitches are called seed stitches and they can be made close together or scattered about—just like seeds!
Long straight stitches are called running stitches and they can be made running one after the other in lines, or wherever you want them.
Kids Learn to Stitch_Straight Stitch-3Seed Stitch
1 Hold the felt in one hand and the needle and thread in the other. Push the needle up into the felt from underneath.
The knot is at the back of the felt—and the needle is at the front.
2 Carefully pull the needle and thread all the way through the felt until the knot at the end stops you from pulling it any further.

3 Now push the needle and thread down into the felt, close to the hole it came up through.
Carefully pull the needle and thread all the way through the felt until you can’t pull it any further.
4 You have made your first seed stitch. The needle and thread are at the back of the felt again and you are ready to make more stitches!

Running Stitch
A running stitch is made in just the same way as a seed stitch, but you make a longer stitch by pushing the needle back into the felt further away from the hole it came up through.
Once you have made one running stitch, you can make lots more!

Kids Learn to Stitch

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Trafalgar Square Books, publisher of quality equestrian and craft books, is a small business based on a farm in rural Vermont. 

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