Stay-Home Stashbusting Crochet

The siren song of a few brand-new skeins of yarn (or more than a few…) can be hard to resist. But as long as we’re all stuck steering clear of our favorite LYS for the sake of social distancing, that makes it the perfect time to dive back into our stashes and rediscover all the hidden treasures we haven’t quite managed to use up.

Learning how to crochet can make any stashbusting expedition a little easier: quick, fun crochet projects that use lots of different colors are everywhere. Potholders, dishtowels, amigurumi; crocheted flowers, crocheted hearts—or any other shape you like, strung together on a joining line of chain stitch for the world’s most charming handmade bunting. Turn the handful of leftover hanks you never thought you’d manage to use into delightful decorations or handy household accessories in a snap!

Some crochet patterns are specifically designed to be accessorized with all kinds of extra tidbits, perfect for those leftover ends a little too long to throw away but a little too short for most projects.

COLORFUL CROCHET features layered, flat, and spiraling crochet flowers, hearts, and butterflies that are easy to attach to hats, cowls, or mittens, or even the toes of slippers—or, of course, make a few dozen flowers in whatever colors you’ve got, joined together into a one-of-a-kind shawl.

Or maybe dishtowels and pillows are more your style? Try a striking striped pattern from CRAZY FOR CROCHET, adapted to whatever color selection you’ve got on hand; just make the stripes thicker for the yarns you’ve got more of, and thinner for the ones that are almost gone. (And if you’ve got a lot of variations in weight to worry about, try disguising the difference by holding a lighter yarn doubled, or working bobbles or popcorns that will change the texture anyway.)

But of course the most straightforward go-to choices of all for smaller amounts of yarn are crochet designs for babies. Baby patterns work up so quickly, and the more colors you’ve got, the better, brighter, and more interesting they’ll look! A collection like CROCHETED GIFTS FOR BABY is full of adorable toys, accessories, and other odds and ends that can easily be crocheted with stripes, spots, and zigzags—or multicolored eyes, legs, or tails, depending on the toy.

It’s always such a fantastic feeling to be able to put a long-stashed yarn to good use, and small, colorful crochet patterns make it easier than ever. And don’t hold back: what’s the oldest yarn you’ve got tucked away, and what have you been thinking about using it for? Tell us! Or share on your social page and tag us (for good measure).

COLORFUL CROCHET, CRAZY FOR CROCHET, and CROCHETED GIFTS FOR BABY are all available from the TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is FREE.

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Trafalgar Square Books, publisher of fine equestrian and craft books, is a small business based on a farm in rural Vermont.

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