Knit Your Way Around the World

For the moment, travel in person is out of the picture for most of us. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t endless opportunities to go on a journey of another kind with your keyboard—and your knitting needles! Now more than ever, the internet has opened up whole new possibilities for visiting faraway places, keeping in touch with those around us, and exploring history, art, and culture: a trove of inspiration for crafts and creativity.


Explore Medieval Churches

Digital tours aren’t just for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. With a single search online, you can turn up fabulous video and 3D exploratory tours of sights like medieval Norwegian stave churches:


And classic Swedish church art:


Click image to take the virtual tour.


Both feature the same striking beauty, fantastical colors, and intricate patterning behind our pattern book MEDIEVAL-INSPIRED KNITS, which transforms centuries-old Scandinavian art into eyecatching, wearable garments.


Browse Digitized Museum Collections

The DigitaltMuseum is dedicated to preserving and displaying Norwegian and Swedish art and historical objects, collected from the catalogs of dozens of Scandinavian museums—and its comprehensive photographs served as one of the many resources employed to identify and reconstruct historical design motifs for our bestselling book SELBU MITTENS, the ultimate guide to these famous handcrafted accessories from the Norwegian village of Selbu.


Click image to visit the DigitaltMuseum.

The Danish National Museum has also made an enthusiastic effort to share its collections with the world, and that includes photographs documenting traditional clothing in Denmark and the Faroe Islands: the gorgeous textured motifs and colorwork patterns that were the inspiration for TRADITIONAL DANISH SWEATERS and FAROE ISLAND KNITS, putting astoundingly beautiful time-honored designs at your fingertips.


Click the image to visit the Danish National Museum.


We’re Tight-Knit

In these uncertain times, despite all the social distancing and self-isolation we’ve committed ourselves to, there’s a special beauty underlying the international interlace inspiration for VIKING KNITS & ANCIENT ORNAMENTS, from Elsebeth Lavold (author of the bestselling VIKING PATTERNS FOR KNITTING)—her extensive survey of global textiles, carvings, and manuscripts of all kinds led her to, as she puts it, “a very comforting conclusion: that the human race is really a tight-knit community, which more things tying us together than separating us.”


Make the time to stay connected to the world around you, and let us know where you’d like to be headed on your next knitting journey.

You can find any of the books mentioned here at the TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is FREE.

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Trafalgar Square Books, publisher of quality equestrian and craft books, is a small business based on a farm in rural Vermont.

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