FREE Yoked Pullover Knitting Pattern


Happy Free Pattern Friday! Let’s celebrate the weekend with a new knitting project. Here’s a delightfully simple pullover with a pretty star-studded yoke from TRADITIONAL SWEDISH KNITTING PATTERNS by TSB author and knitting designer Maja Karlsson.

FreeYokedPulloverPatternPin-trafalgarbooks“The color scale of the sweater reflects lonely forests and barren heather-covered moors,” says Karlsson. “The silhouette of this design was inspired by the 1960s, with thoughts of the sweaters worn by Malin on Saltkråkan [a fictional island created by Astrid Lindgren for a Swedish television series ‘We on Seacrow Island’].”

In her book, Karlsson delves into the fascinating history of Swedish fibercrafts and its rich tradition of multi-color patterning. Flowers, borders, geometric figures, landscapes, people, and animals, on their own or together, form the backbone of traditional Swedish stranded patterns.

CLICK HERE to download your FREE PATTERN for the star-studded yoked pullover.

Karlsson’s next book, MAJA’S SWEDISH MITTENS, will be out May 2019. Watch the trailer here:



CLICK HERE for more information about MAJA’S SWEDISH MITTENS.

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Free Valentine’s Crocheted Heart Potholder Pattern!

Free Valentine’s Crocheted Heart Potholder Pattern!

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, but we’re already feelin’ the love! So we’re treating you all to a FREE crocheted heart potholder pattern from 35+ POTHOLDERS TO CROCHET by Beatrice Simon, Eveline Hetty-Burkart, Beate Hilbig, and Dagmar Neubert, published by TSB.

35+ Potholders to Crochet_From the Heart

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Happy Heart Day!

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Our Holiday Gift to You: 6 More Free Patterns!


At TSB we love supporting the maker in each of us. In the 12 weeks running up to the holiday season, we have been giving away FREE PATTERNS from our bestselling knitting and crochet books. We shared a roundup of our first six free patterns in a post a couple weeks ago (click here). Now, here’s your key to the final six—there are a LOT of fab ideas here to start your New Making Year with busy hands and lots of yarn.

Check it out! Click the links or the images to download the free pattern PDF:

Stylish Garter Stitch Wrist Warmers from Knitting with Beads Made Easy by Liv Asplund and Jane Asprusten.

KnittingwithBeadsMadeEasy-trafalgarbooks copy


Dance in Circles Warm Slipper Socks from Crochet in Black & White by Constanze Diehl-Hupfer and Magdalena Melzer.



Honeycomb Brioche Poncho from Ponchos to Knit by Denise Samson.



Hand Towel from Classic Crochet the Modern Way by Tove Fevang.



Elves Knitted Socks from Jorid Linvik’s Big Book of Knitted Socks by Jorid Linvik.


Bobbled Potholder from 35+ Potholders to Crochet by Beatrice Simon, Eveline Hetty-Burkart, Beate Hilbig & Dagmar Neubert



Click each link above to download your 6 FREE PATTERNS, click here to read our blog post with the first 6 FREE PATTERNS, and follow Trafalgar Square Craft Books on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get others in the new year ahead!

Happy Handmade Holidays!

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Free Band of Stars Crochet Pattern


We just love this crocheted band, resembling those used with some traditionally styled winter coats. Those bands were quite long and wide enough to hold together big fur coats made of wolf, goat, sheep, or dog skin. The bands went over the coat, around the neck, crossed over the chest, and then were tied at the stomach.

Maybe you’d like to make one to add a unique touch to a tunic, long sweater, or trench coat? We want to help! Check out this FREE PATTERN from the book TAPESTRY CROCHET AND MORE by Maria Gullberg and published by TSB.

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Did you know?

TSB has published fine craft books since 1992, releasing a few select, highly illustrated instructional titles for fans of knitting, crochet, spinning and weaving, sewing, embroidery, and mosaic each year. We are proud to publish the work of top names in the design and craft industries, including the wildly popular duo Arne & Carlos; spinning and weaving expert, the late Anne Field; knitting and cabling innovator Elsebeth Lavold; bestselling crochet veteran Tove Fevang; internationally beloved colorwork master Martin Storey; and Scandinavian pattern specialists like Mette Handberg and Jorid Linvik, to name just a few. It is our goal to provide inspiration and how-to that can make any and every home a place where beautiful crafts begin.

Trafalgar Square Books, publisher of fine craft and equestrian books, is a small business based on a farm in rural Vermont.


Free Crochet Pattern: Labyrinth Doormat


What’s a better mid-week pick-me-up than a free crochet pattern? Here’s an eye-catching labyrinth doormat in black-and-white that makes a statement while not overcomplicating life. To download the free pattern PDF from the book CROCHET IN BLACK & WHITE, click the link below:


TSB is pleased to offer other free crochet and knitting patterns from its bestselling books. Did you download our Chevron Blanket pattern yet? CLICK HERE to visit that post and double down on your crochet aspirations for the weekend!

Did you know…

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Trafalgar Square Books, publisher of fine equestrian and craft books, is a small business based on a farm in rural Vermont.



Free Crocheted Chevron Blanket Pattern!

Free Crocheted Chevron Blanket Pattern!

The chevron is a V-shaped mark, often inverted, and commonly used in reference to architecture, or badges indicating rank or length of service in the military. It is a motif that has always generated a lot of interest in the world of crochet, because there are endless ways to vary it and use it in combination: the stripes can be steep or gentle, wide or narrow, alike or different. And the effect can be striking.


If you haven’t worked the chevron pattern before, here is a chance to create a colorful blanket that is both an approachable introduction to the motif and a rewarding result. In their book CRAZY FOR CROCHET, Lily Secilie Brandal and Bente Myhrer provide this rendition of the classic pattern—easy to follow or to modify to better suit your style or mood.

CLICK HERE to download the FREE crocheted chevron blanket pattern from CRAZY FOR CROCHET.


And for 70 more crochet projects you’ll love to make, take a look at the book CRAZY FOR CROCHET. Everything you need to get started crocheting is in this collection: clear, detailed guidance through the basics, dozens of helpful photographs, and patterns for every skill level, from scarves and blankets to socks and slippers, from hats and pillows to lampshades and clutches.

CLICK HERE for more information about the book.

Trafalgar Square Books, publisher of fine equestrian and craft books, is a small business based on a farm in rural Vermont.

We’re in Bloom! Get Your FREE Double Knitting Blossoms Pattern

We’re in Bloom! Get Your FREE Double Knitting Blossoms Pattern

If it weren’t for the itchy eyes, scratchy throat, and sinus headache, this would be my favorite time of the year 🙂 Allergies aside, what can beat the exuberance of newborn blossoms when the air warms a little bit and the sun lingers just long enough?

We’d like to celebrate our current state of BLOOM with a FREE knitting pattern from our terrific book KNITTING DOUBLE. This six-sided potholder with romantic blossoms is a great “small” project to try mastering this technique, resulting in a “Happy Spring!” or Mother’s Day gift, or maybe just an airy floral addition to your own kitchen.


When you work double knitting, two layers of fabric are worked at the same time, each with a different color. The two layers are attached, and the resulting fabric has two right sides and no visible wrong side. How cool is that? The projects in KNITTING DOUBLE can be turned over or inside out (if knitted in the round), and there are two “good” sides (you can never have too many “good” sides!).

Knitting Double Final300As you knit, both sets of stitches are on the same needle. You always knit one stitch for the front layer then purl the following stitch for the back layer. Complete directions are available in this FREE PATTERN DOWNLOAD.

CLICK HERE for the Romantic Blossom Potholder Pattern from KNITTING DOUBLE. We promise THESE flowers won’t make you sneeze!

Happy spring, everyone!

Trafalgar Square Books, publisher of fine equestrian and craft books, is a small business based on a farm in rural Vermont.