Make Your Own Gifts This Holiday Season with These Free Patterns!


At TSB we love supporting the maker in each of us. We also think handmade gifts can be some of the most special, so the 12 weeks running up to the holiday season, we give away  FREE PATTERNS from our bestselling knitting and crochet books in the hopes one (or all!) of them will inspire you to make rather than buy and use your hands instead of your credit card.

We are halfway through our 12 Weeks of Christmas pattern giveaway, but there is still plenty of time to use these patterns and have something beautiful for under the tree. Here’s a quick-reference cheatsheet of the patterns we’ve shared so far so you can get started:

WRIST WARMERS WITH KLO (5 WISE VIRGINS) PANELS from Norwegian Knits with a Twist by Arne & Carlos


HULDA PULLOVER WITH STAR-STUDDED YOKE from Traditional Swedish Knitting Patterns by Maja Karlsson


GRUMPELINO SCARF BY NADJA BRANDT from Knit Scarves and Shawls Now

Knit Scarves Now-trafalgarbooks

EASY EVERYDAY HAT WITH BEADS from Knitting with Beads Made Easy by Liv Asplund and Jane Asprusten



CHEVRON PATTERN PILLOW from Colorful Crochet by Therese Hagstedt


ROSE MITTENS FROM SKJÅK from Mittens from Around Norway by Nina Granlund Sæther

Click each link above to download your FREE PATTERNS, and follow Trafalgar Square Craft Books on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get the remaining six patterns still to come!

Happy Handmade Holidays!

Trafalgar Square Books, publisher of fine craft and equestrian books, is a small company based on a farm in rural Vermont.




Come See TSB at the 2018 Fiber Festival of New England!


TSB is excited to be set up and ready for this year’s Fiber Festival of New England, November 3 and 4, 2018, at the Eastern States Exposition grounds in West Springfield, Massachusetts. Stop by and visit with us in booth #281W in the Mallary Complex. Tell us (or show us!) what you’re working on, and browse our selection of bestselling knitting, crochet, weaving, and spinning books. We have special show-only deals, sign up to win a gift certificate to spend in our online bookstore, and get up close and personal with the beautiful handmade sample projects from our talented craft book authors. Our top names include Scandinavian design rockstars Arne & Carlos, renowned spinning and weaving expert, the late Anne Field, and knitting and cabling innovator Elsebeth Lavold.

Show hours are Saturday, 9 am to 5 pm, and Sunday, 9 am to 3 pm.

See you in West Springfield!

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Trafalgar Square Books, publisher of fine craft and equestrian books, is a small business based on a farm in rural Vermont.

5 Amazing Crochet Tips



All of us benefit from those who have a touch more experience or a tad more exposure to a specific technique—that is, we do when they share their knowledge! And that, of course, is what is so fabulous about crochet and knitting technique books: They not only collect cool ideas and patterns in one place, they usually include some hard-won tips, tricks, and sage advice, to boot.

Here are 5 amazing crochet tips you might not have heard yet, gathered from books we are proud to have published.

Working in the round? Whether you’re crocheting or knitting, make it easy for yourself by placing a marker of yarn in a contrast color every few rounds—not just one in the first round, or one you have to keep moving up for each new round! Tip from CROCHET IN BLACK & WHITE by Constanze Diehl-Hupfer and Magdalena Melzer.


From Crochet in Black & White by Constanze Diehl-Hupfer and Magdalena Melzer


Crochet Tip 2
When you’re crocheting granny squares in multiple colors, it’s a good idea to begin a new color at a corner—and to begin the next new color at a different corner, so the square’s as even as possible. Catching the old color and covering it as you go means you won’t have to weave in ends later! Tip from KNIT-AND-CROCHET GARDEN by Arne & Carlos.

A-C HageBok 569_dg_92570

From Knit-and-Crochet Garden by Arne & Carlos.


Crochet Tip 3
Working slip stitch through some eyelets? If you’re having trouble seeing the holes where your slip stitches need to go, try sliding a knitting needle into the holes to open them up and help you find them. Tip from CLASSIC CROCHET THE MODERN WAY by Tove Fevang.


From Classic Crochet the Modern Way by Tove Fevang.


It’s easy to work a crochet edging onto just about any piece of knitting or loosely woven fabric! You can even work onto something more closely woven—either by embroidering a base of blanket stitch at the edge and then crocheting along that, or by using fine yarn and a small hook with a pointy head to pierce holes along the edge. Tip from CROCHET WORKSHOP by Emma Seddon and Sharon Brant.


From Crochet Workshop by Emma Seddon and Sharon Brant


It’s easy to starch things that need to hold their shape—and to unstarch them, if they end up too stiff! 2 cups of confectioner’s sugar, boiled in 2/3 of a cup of water until transparent, can be swiped onto a completed piece of knitting or crochet with a pastry brush; and if you put too much on, you can always rinse a little starch back out with running water. Tip from TAPESTRY CROCHET AND MORE by Maria Gullberg.

Virkning 085

From Tapestry Crochet and More by Maria Gullberg


You can visit the entire TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is FREE, by CLICKING HERE.

Trafalgar Square Books, publisher of fine craft and equestrian books, is a small business based on a farm in rural Vermont.

Want to Weave Like an Expert?

Want to Weave Like an Expert?

Tina Ignell is a journalist who trained as a handcraft consultant and spent many years as director of a handicraft center. She is also editor of Vävmagasinet, Scandinavian weaving magazine, which she and her husband, a photographer, run together.

Ignell knows that many of us not only want to be surrounded by gorgeous handwoven textiles…we want to weave them ourselves! That is why she chose 45 designs from her popular magazine and compiled them in her book FAVORITE SCANDINAVIAN PROJECTS TO WEAVE, which is now available from TSB in paperback. Behind each one-of-a-kind pattern is an expert designer and weaver to guide you, providing straightforward, step-by-step instruction as well as how-to and troubleshooting tips. Materials are easy to find and fun to use, and many can be woven on a loom with four shafts and four treadles.


Ignell’s book includes:

  • Almost 50 unique projects developed and tested by professional weavers.
  • Step-by-step instructions, charts, illustrations, and color photos.
  • Most projects use 4 or 8 shafts; some are plain weaves.
  • Work with linen, half-linen, cottolin, wool, paper, and piassava.
  • Versatile ideas for pillows, throws, rugs, curtains, table linens, and more.

As an added bonus, Ignell includes a special section on the care and handling of textiles, with guidelines and hints about featured fibers.

FAVORITE SCANDINAVIAN PROJECTS TO WEAVE is available now from the TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is FREE.

CLICK HERE for more information or to order.

Trafalgar Square Books, publisher of fine craft and equestrian books, is a small business based on a farm in rural Vermont.

Free Band of Stars Crochet Pattern


We just love this crocheted band, resembling those used with some traditionally styled winter coats. Those bands were quite long and wide enough to hold together big fur coats made of wolf, goat, sheep, or dog skin. The bands went over the coat, around the neck, crossed over the chest, and then were tied at the stomach.

Maybe you’d like to make one to add a unique touch to a tunic, long sweater, or trench coat? We want to help! Check out this FREE PATTERN from the book TAPESTRY CROCHET AND MORE by Maria Gullberg and published by TSB.

CLICK HERE to download your FREE PATTERN.


Did you know?

TSB has published fine craft books since 1992, releasing a few select, highly illustrated instructional titles for fans of knitting, crochet, spinning and weaving, sewing, embroidery, and mosaic each year. We are proud to publish the work of top names in the design and craft industries, including the wildly popular duo Arne & Carlos; spinning and weaving expert, the late Anne Field; knitting and cabling innovator Elsebeth Lavold; bestselling crochet veteran Tove Fevang; internationally beloved colorwork master Martin Storey; and Scandinavian pattern specialists like Mette Handberg and Jorid Linvik, to name just a few. It is our goal to provide inspiration and how-to that can make any and every home a place where beautiful crafts begin.

Trafalgar Square Books, publisher of fine craft and equestrian books, is a small business based on a farm in rural Vermont.


Join TSB at VT Sheep & Wool Festival, Saturday and Sunday, September 29-30!


TSB’s crafty contingent is excited to set up the TSB booth at the 30th Annual Vermont Sheep & Wool Festival, which is happening this weekend, September 29 & 30, 2018 at the historic Tunbridge Fairgrounds in Tunbridge, Vermont. The festival is open from 10am to 5 pm on Saturday, and from 10am to 4pm on Sunday.

Come enjoy the animal barn, shop the Festival Marketplace, try a fiber arts class or a shepherding workshop, plus many other vendor demos and activities. In addition, there’s a very cool onsite stitch-marker swap! Bring markers that you have made or bought and swap with other stitch marker swappers!


Here’s how it works:

  • Visit the Vendor Pavilion and pick up a map of all the vendors who are participating.
  • Wear the button given to you to identify yourself as a swapper.
  • Visit any/all participating vendors to swap markers.
  • Look for other people wearing a button and swap with them.
  • Meet up with other swappers at noon both days, just inside the door of the Vendor Pavilion.

TSB has free handmade stitch markers for all who visit our booth located outside the Pavilion Building under the overhang #8. Stop by and say hello, tell us what you are working on, and sign up to win a $50.00 gift certificate to our online bookstore. Check out beautiful sample projects from our newest books, plus we’ll have copies of all our biggest hits and bestselling backlist available for sale.


See you in Tunbridge this weekend!


Trafalgar Square Books, publisher of fine craft and equestrian books, is a small business based on a farm in rural Vermont.

Arne & Carlos On Tour!


We at TSB are so excited that our knitting rockstars Arne & Carlos have a fall teaching and speaking tour planned in the United States, October 18 to November 11, 2018!

Arne Nerjordet and Carlos Zachrison launched their Arne & Carlos knitwear line in 2007, gaining notice with their witty reworkings of classic Scandinavian motifs—for example, sweaters festooned with space invaders rather than reindeer. Their brand hit big when Rei Kawakubo of cult fashion house Commes des Garҫon saw the Arne & Carlos “holiday balls” they’d knitted for family and friends, and immediately placed an order for 400. Arne and Carlos thought they were to be used for storefront decoration, but went to the boutique in Paris and found them for sale for €100 each.

“We laughed at the price,” claims Carlos, “but it was provocation, too. We felt nobody should pay so much for something anybody can make. So we thought, let’s write a book giving people all they need to do it themselves.”

ArneCarlosFavoriteDesignsThe association with Commes des Garҫon led to a holiday mini-collection of garments studded with Swarovski crystals in 2008, and a line of sweaters, hats, and scarves for Urban Outfitters in 2009. Perhaps more importantly, the Parisian “provocation” inspired Arne and Carlos’ first book, 55 CHRISTMAS BALLS TO KNIT, an international bestseller, now translated into seven languages, and published in English by TSB. One how-to knit book begat seven more, including their newest—ARNE & CARLOS FAVORITE DESIGNS: GREATEST HITS AND NEW INSPIRATIONS, released in April of 2018.

Arne and Carlos are teaching classes and speaking at shops, guilds, and retreats across the country, beginning in October. Register for classes near you now, as many are already sold out!

Greater Boston Knitting Guild, Boston, MA .
Oct. 18. Lecture: The World of ARNE & CARLOS.
Oct. 18. Class: Selbu Wrist Warmers. SOLD OUT!

Webs, Northampton, MA.
Oct. 20. Class: Christmas Balls.
Oct. 20: Class Crochet Primrose Throw.
Oct 21. Class: Solveig Hat.

String Yarns, New York, NY. 
Oct. 22. Lecture: The World of ARNE & CARLOS. SOLD OUT!

Knit One Quilt Too, Barrington, RI.
Oct. 27. Class: Sock Master Class.
Oct. 27. Lecture: Using Old Knitting to Inspire the New.
Oct 28. Class: An Introduction to Norwegian Colour Work. SOLD OUT!
Oct 28. Class: Christmas Balls.

Colorful Stitches, Lenox, MA.
Oct. 30. Class: An Introduction to Colour Work. SOLD OUT!
Oct. 30. Class: Knitted Birds.

Yarn Cupboard, Jamesville, NY.
Oct 31. Class: Lille-Tuva wrist warmers.
Oct 31. Class: Knitted Birds.
Oct 31. Lecture: The World of ARNE & CARLOS.

Another Yarn @ the Haraseeket Inn, Freeport, ME.
Nov. 2. Lecture: The World of ARNE & CARLOS. SOLD OUT!
Nov. 3. Class: An Introduction to Norwegian Colour Work. SOLD OUT!
Nov 3.  Class: Aslaug Mittens part 1. SOLD OUT!
Nov. 4. Class: Aslaug Mittens part 2. SOLD OUT!

Three Bags Full, Northbrook, IL.
Nov. 5. Class: An Introduction to Norwegian Colour Work.
Nov. 5. Class: Primrose Crochet Throw.
Nov 5. Lecture: The World of ARNE & CARLOS. SOLD OUT!

The Sows Ear, Verona, WI.
Nov. 6. Lecture: The World of ARNE & CARLOS.

The Yarnery, St. Paul, MN.
Nov. 7. Lecture: Using Old Knitting to Inspire the New.

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 11.48.16 AMVogue Knitting Live, Minneapolis, MN.
Nov. 9. Opening Speech.
Nov. 9. Class: Solveig Hat. SOLD OUT!
Nov. 10. Class: An Introduction to Norwegian Colour Work. SOLD OUT!
Nov. 10. Class: Knitted Birds. SOLD OUT!
Nov. 11. Class: Sock Master Class. SOLD OUT!

Books by Arne & Carlos will be available for sale at their tour stops. You can also find their fabulous instructional titles on the TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is FREE.

CLICK HERE to find out more about Arne & Carlos books.

Trafalgar Square Books, publisher of fine craft and equestrian books, is a small business based on a farm in rural Vermont.