Kids at Home? It’s a Great Time to Sew!

Kids at Home? It’s a Great Time to Sew!

Kids Learn to Stitch_Big Bad Bug-4We’re all in the midst of weeks of homeschooling and disruption to our kids usual schedules. In an effort to find positive opportunities in the challenges we’re facing, perhaps now is a chance to introduce new skills that might not have found time in students’ busy schedules before.

TSB Craft Editor Kim Cook recommends the book KIDS LEARN TO STITCH by Lucinda Guy as a great starter guide for youngsters who want to create with their hands. Charmingly illustrated by artist François Hall, KIDS LEARN TO STITCH enlists the help of the two original animal characters, Pip and Peg, to teach children how to use a sewing needle and thread to make simple, practical, and decorative projects.

We’re happy to offer this FREE DOWNLOAD of the pages for learning Straight Stitches, to share with your kids.


Kids Learn to Stitch_Straight Stitch-7

Do your children prefer to work from the blog? Here is an excerpt for your convenience:

Now you are ready to make your first stitches—straight stitches!
Straight stitches can be short or long.
Short straight stitches are called seed stitches and they can be made close together or scattered about—just like seeds!
Long straight stitches are called running stitches and they can be made running one after the other in lines, or wherever you want them.
Kids Learn to Stitch_Straight Stitch-3Seed Stitch
1 Hold the felt in one hand and the needle and thread in the other. Push the needle up into the felt from underneath.
The knot is at the back of the felt—and the needle is at the front.
2 Carefully pull the needle and thread all the way through the felt until the knot at the end stops you from pulling it any further.

3 Now push the needle and thread down into the felt, close to the hole it came up through.
Carefully pull the needle and thread all the way through the felt until you can’t pull it any further.
4 You have made your first seed stitch. The needle and thread are at the back of the felt again and you are ready to make more stitches!

Running Stitch
A running stitch is made in just the same way as a seed stitch, but you make a longer stitch by pushing the needle back into the felt further away from the hole it came up through.
Once you have made one running stitch, you can make lots more!

Kids Learn to Stitch

KIDS LEARN TO STITCH is available from the TSB online bookstore, where all craft books are 20% off plus FREE SHIPPING through April 1.

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Trafalgar Square Books, publisher of quality equestrian and craft books, is a small business based on a farm in rural Vermont. 

Meet Crochet Designer Therese Hagstedt

Meet Crochet Designer Therese Hagstedt


Therese Hagstedt, known to her Instagram and blog followers as TipsyTessie, lives in Gothenburg, Sweden, where she is an all-around crafter, as well as an accomplished photographer specializing in weddings, children, artwork, interior design/decorating, books, and craft projects. TSB is proud to have published her bright and delightful pattern book COLORFUL CROCHET in the English language.

As well as designing, crocheting, knitting, and running her professional photography business, Hagstedt is a senior research scientist for a pharmaceutical company, a wife, and mother to two sons. She also loves cooking and yoga, and practicing a “healthy lifestyle” is very important to her.


Photo by Therese Hagstedt

Hagstedt finds inspiration in everyday life. “I see a color combination or a pattern that I like and instantly try to translate it to knitting or crochet project,” she says. “That is the process that is ongoing in my head, all the time, everywhere. Also I find a lot of inspiration on Pinterest, which has almost become an everyday addiction.”

With an aim to inspire and design crafts that are modern and fresh for today, and to convince people that “colors make you happy,” Hagstedt doesn’t have a specific workspace. “I have a desk where I sometimes sit and work, but I get inspired everywhere in life, and my different projects are usually all over the place in our home,” she admits. “I really like to try an idea that I have immediately, so I need access to my crafting things all the time. It’s organized chaos, maybe?”

And what’s her favorite thing to make?

ColorfulCrochet“I really, really love doing granny squares,” Hagstedt says. “I think it is the endless possibilities with different combinations and that you can start with a project or idea and you don’t know what it will be in the end. Sometimes I just want to try an idea and then it ends up as something completely different than it was from the start.”

You can find Hagstedt’s granny squares, and other wonderful projects for crocheters of all levels in COLORFUL CROCHET, available from the TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is FREE.

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Join TSB in Celebrating Local Yarn Store Day, Saturday, April 21, 2018!

Join TSB in Celebrating Local Yarn Store Day, Saturday, April 21, 2018!


What’s better than spending an hour or two immersing our creative senses in colorfully spun skeins of wool, mohair, alpaca, and silk? Maybe having a pleasant conversation with a like-minded individual who is equally at peace as she roams, in search of a specific shade or texture…perhaps asking a question of a helpful staff member nearby, or complimenting the handknit sweater she proudly models?

Many of us count down the days to our monthly, maybe even weekly trips to our local yarn stores where we’ve nurtured friendships with staff and fellow customers; where we’ve relished the chance to get up-close-and-personal with the materials that bring our handmade projects to life; where gatherings, lectures, and demonstrations have educated us and many others. When we shop at our local yarn store, we know our hard-earned dollars are going to support the local economy, that they are helping our communities remain vibrant and diverse in their social and commercial offerings, and they are ensuring crafting, making, and using one’s hands—in both traditional and innovative ways—has a future in a world dominated by technology and voice activation.

Local Yarn Store Day (#LYSDay) is a brick-and-mortar yarn shop appreciation day created by TNNA Yarn Group ( The inaugural LYS Day will take place on April 21, 2018, and is designed to show support for small businesses while bringing together a unique community of knitters, crocheters, weavers, and spinners to drive awareness and celebrate the craft.


One of our local yarn stores!

Are you a fiber artist? Do you enjoy knitting or crocheting in your downtime? This is your chance to celebrate everything you love about yarn and help others learn to enjoy it, too. Bring a friend to your local yarn shop on April 21! Take pictures at your favorite store and share them on social media. Spread your passion for creating far and wide while supporting the business just down the road.

As an added bonus, Local Yarn Store Day will feature items from your favorite yarn companies and designers that will only be available at brick-and-mortar local yarn shops (not online). So make your plan now to visit your local yarn store on Saturday!

We’re thrilled to say these participating yarn shops carry Trafalgar Square Craft Books:

Monarch Knitting (Pacific Grove, CA)

The Woolery (Frankfort, KY)

Mother of Purl Yarn Shop (Freeport, ME)

WEBs-America’s Yarn Store (Northampton, MA)

Harriet & Alice (Edina, MN)

Amazing Threads (Maple Grove, MN)

StevenBe (Minneapolis, MN)

The Yarnery (Saint Paul, MN)

Knitty City (New York, NY)

The Tinsmith’s Wife (Comfort, TX)

Blazing Needles (Salt Lake City, UT)

Laughing Sheep Yarns (Charlottesville, VA)

PinchKnitter Yarns (Stanwood, WA)

The Sow’s Ear (Verona, WI)


Happy Local Yarn Store Day everyone!

Trafalgar Square Books, publisher of fine equestrian and craft books, is a small business based on a farm in rural Vermont.