Nina Granlund Sæther in the US!

Nina Granlund Sæther in the US!


The fabulous Nina Granlund Sæther, author of the bestselling MITTENS FROM AROUND NORWAY and all new SOCKS FROM AROUND NORWAY, has made her way to the US where she will have limited appearances on the East Coast.

Nina grew up in Asker, Norway, just outside Oslo. Her love and interest for knitting, crochet, sewing, and embroidery started before she was school-age. She is educated as a craft teacher, and worked for a short time in a high school before moving to a career in journalism with the Norwegian arts-and-crafts magazine Norsk Husflid. Nina creates designs in the Scandinavian knitting tradition for Norwegian magazines and her own striking books.

In or around Boston? Meet Nina at JP Knit & Stitch in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, on Friday, April 26, 2019, from 7 to 9 pm as part of the kickoff to JP Knit & Stitch’s Anniversary Sale, which runs through the weekend. (Plus, Local Yarn Store Day is Saturday, April 27! Yippee!)

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Nina’s books MITTENS FROM AROUND NORWAY and SOCKS FROM AROUND NORWAY are available from the TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is FREE.

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Elsebeth Lavold Explains the Figure Eight

Elsebeth Lavold Explains the Figure Eight


Photo by Anders Rydell from Viking Knits & Ancient Ornaments

Ever since her ground-breaking book VIKING PATTERNS FOR KNITTING was published, Elsebeth Lavold has been recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on cabling. In the book, described as “an indispensable milestone in 20th century knitting literature,” she introduces her own innovation, using lifted increases to create interlace patterns instead of just to shape garments, and to bring new life to the ornamental heritage of the Vikings as adornment on modern knitwear.

With more than a decade of added experience and continued research, she took the concept a step further, studying cultures from all over the globe to find similar types of patterns. This resulted in VIKING KNITS & ANCIENT ORNAMENTS, a fascinating compilation of ornamental expressions, ancient as well as contemporary, which she again uses as a launch pad for her own unique designs.



Detail from Viking Knits & Ancient Ornaments

Elsebeth genuinely enjoys sharing her knowledge. In addition to the abundance of beautiful garments presented in the book with complete instructions, she analyzes a huge number of pattern types and displays them in both swatch and chart form, to allow you to make your own designs based on her research. Consider her discussion of the Figure Eight:

“Just as you can weave a band through a ring, you can weave it through a Figure Eight,” Lavold writes in VIKING KNITS & ANCIENT ORNAMENTS. “The Vikings, however, didn’t make much use of this pattern, leading me to believe for some time that it was my own invention. This was until I identified it on the abundantly ornamented mount from Solberga, Sweden, where it appears along with Twists, Overhand Knots, Trefoils, Elongated Trefoils, Twisted Wing Loops…to name a few.

“The Figure Eight on Band makes another appearance framing the Gospel According to John on one of the pages of the Egmont Gospels, a medieval illuminated manuscript from England (not shown). Later, in a French illuminated manuscript from the 9th century, I discovered the twin version, where two mirrored Eights are placed side by side with a pair of crossing bands twined through them.”



Detail from the French illuminated manuscript from Viking Knits & Ancient Ornaments by Elsebeth Lavold.

Learn more about the fascinating history of viking patterns and how they can inspire beautiful handknit garments in VIKING KNITS & ANCIENT ORNAMENTS, available from the TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is FREE.

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FREE Yoked Pullover Knitting Pattern


Happy Free Pattern Friday! Let’s celebrate the weekend with a new knitting project. Here’s a delightfully simple pullover with a pretty star-studded yoke from TRADITIONAL SWEDISH KNITTING PATTERNS by TSB author and knitting designer Maja Karlsson.

FreeYokedPulloverPatternPin-trafalgarbooks“The color scale of the sweater reflects lonely forests and barren heather-covered moors,” says Karlsson. “The silhouette of this design was inspired by the 1960s, with thoughts of the sweaters worn by Malin on Saltkråkan [a fictional island created by Astrid Lindgren for a Swedish television series ‘We on Seacrow Island’].”

In her book, Karlsson delves into the fascinating history of Swedish fibercrafts and its rich tradition of multi-color patterning. Flowers, borders, geometric figures, landscapes, people, and animals, on their own or together, form the backbone of traditional Swedish stranded patterns.

CLICK HERE to download your FREE PATTERN for the star-studded yoked pullover.

Karlsson’s next book, MAJA’S SWEDISH MITTENS, will be out May 2019. Watch the trailer here:



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Your Dog Is Your Brand…So Wear Him!


If immortalizing your favorite pup as a trendy tattoo is highly unlikely and yet you still wish for a way to display your doggy devotion for all to see, then it’s time to dance that celebratory shimmy! That’s right, DOGS ON SWEATERS, the new book by the immensely popular creators of Best in Show and Knit Your Own Dog Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne, is now available! Hold on to your Huskies, here are step-by-step instructions for knitting your pooch’s likeness into everyone’s favorite cozy garment. Get ready to flaunt your puppy love with fashion!

DogsonSweatersPin-trafalgarbooksDOGS ON SWEATERS pairs simplicity and flexibility with a variety of knitwear patterns and styles for men, women, children, babies (and yes, even dogs). Choose between basic sweater designs: raglan, long-and-loose, relaxed-fit, and more. Then pick your favorite canine breed from the 18 featured motifs—or adapt the directions as described for customizing your own. Play around with colors and markings, positions, and shapes, and add words, initials, or your four-legged best friend’s nickname. Plus, you’ll find patterns for dog-adorned accessories, like hats and scarves, a baby blanket, and a charming coat for those with four legs instead of two.

Don’t be the last to live your brand! Break ground, inspiring others in your pack to recognize their dogs’ friendship…for kniternity!

IMG_1913Fun Fact: Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne first found fame when Princess Diana wore their “black sheep sweater” to a polo match. You can see the original sweater as part of the permanent collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

(Photo from


DOGS ON SWEATERS is available now from the TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is FREE.

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Socks from Around Norway–New from Nina Granlund Sæther!

Socks from Around Norway–New from Nina Granlund Sæther!

Were you one of the thousands of knitters who bought and loved MITTENS FROM AROUND NORWAY by Nina Granlund Sæther? “The whole book delights and instructs” said Publishers Weekly. Well, Nina is back with the followup to her international bestseller: TSB is excited to announce the release of SOCKS FROM AROUND NORWAY, featuring over 40 traditional knitting patterns inspired by Norwegian folk-art collections.

NorwegianSocks-trafalgarbooksExplore centuries of Scandinavian sock-knitting history, with dozens of classic patterns and more obscure design delights drawn from the author’s in-depth knowledge of Norwegian knitting and reconstructed from carefully-researched historical sources. Beautiful photographs and easy-to-read pattern charts complete the experience, making SOCKS FROM AROUND NORWAY the ultimate handbook for any Scandinavian sock enthusiast—and a stunning compendium of Norwegian knitting tradition.

SOCKS FROM AROUND NORWAY by Nina Granlund Sæther is available now from the TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is FREE.

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Did you know? TSB has a generous loyalty program! We’ll pay you to buy your books directly from us, a small publisher based on a farm in rural Vermont.

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Danish Knit Designer Vivian Høxbro Featured at 20th Anniversary Madrona Winter Retreat


We are thrilled to announce that Danish knitwear designer and TSB author Vivian Høxbro will be a keynote speaker and teacher at the Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat at the Hotel Murano in Tacoma, Washington, February 14-17, 2019. Not only is Madrona celebrating 20 years of hosting their popular event, it will also be the last as organizers have announced their retirement.

traditionaldanishsweaters-trafalgarbooksVivian Høxbro’s Friday night talk will explain her recent research of the Danish Nattrøjer (“night sweater”) and the distinctive star and cross patterns that were traditionally on them. She will also share samples from her forthcoming English-language edition of the book TRADITIONAL DANISH SWEATERS, which will be published by TSB in July 2019.

Høxbro will teach a class she calls “Star Struck” Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon, which will show students how to knit the 19th-century Danish star motifs featured in her book. There are many different kinds of stars, and they can, in turn, be used in a variety of fabulous patterns. To register for the Retreat and Høxbro’s classes, CLICK HERE.

Høxbro has been designing for knitters for more than 30 years and is well known for her books on Domino Knitting and Shadow Knitting, as well as her patterns on Ravelry.

traditional danish sweatersCLICK HERE for more information about her book TRADITIONAL DANISH SWEATERS.

Hope to see you in Tacoma!

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Meet Knit Designer Lumi Karmitsa


Visit Lumi Karmitsa @lumikarmitsadesign on Facebook!

In September, TSB released WILD MITTENS & UNRULY SOCKS by Lumi Karmitsa, an addictive collection of stranded knitting patterns with funky cool motifs that are sure to stand out in a crowd. This month, we had a chance to ask the designer a little about her life in Finland and what inspires her.

“All Finnish children used to learn the basics of knitting at school, and so did I,” Karmitsa said. “However, I was never into knitting, until one day, out of the blue, I decided to knit a pair of stranded mittens for a friend. I found a nice pattern and followed it. The end result was pleasing enough, and this first introduction to colorwork knitting made me realize that I could design my own patterns. A few years later my first knitting book was published! Surprisingly, it was a sensation in Finnish knitting society and allowed me to become a full-time knitwear designer.

“I now live a secluded life in a little house in a small village with my Chihuahua mix, Caleb,” she went on. “As well as being the most agreeable and handsome fellow on the planet, Caleb is also a professional model. He poses in both my books!”


“My hobbies include taking super long walks with Caleb, writing, reading, renovating, drawing, painting, and indulging in any kind of activities that result in a more beautiful world. I work at home in my tiny old house. In the winter there’s a fire in the fireplace; in summertime, I often knit in the shadow of an apple tree. Wherever I choose to sit and knit, that’s where I sit and knit—until Caleb decides to leave my lap.

“Sometimes I’m inspired by what is right in front of me (Caleb is portrayed in my Chihuahua mittens and socks). However, most of the time there is no obvious source of inspiration, just hard work thinking and trying what might work. Every piece is first my favorite, then my enemy, and when it’s finished, it is my favorite again—until it’s time for a new piece to go through the same process!”


We asked Karmitsa what she would say her happiest knitting memory was. “Signing the publishing contract of my first knitting book,” was her reply, “and later on hearing the book was gonna go all the way to the United States!”

Wild Mittens and Unruly SocksWe have to say, we’re thrilled her book made it all the way here, too! WILD MITTENS & UNRULY SOCKS is available from the TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is FREE.

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Enjoy this knitting tip from Lumi Karmitsa:

When following a colorwork chart in a book, attach a piece of paper to the page with a paperclip or a hairpin, covering the part of the chart you haven’t knitted yet. Move the paper to reveal a row at a time. This way your eyes find the right row immediately and your risk of errors decreases.

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