Knitting Goes Medieval


No, our knitting needles haven’t got a thing for Pulp Fiction or vengeful violence…it’s jaw-droppingly gorgeous patterning their after. And with all the choices when it comes to source and style, sometimes it takes a unique perspective to bring a whole new look to life.

When it comes to inspiration, churches have long provided the setting, the tradition, and the mystique mortals require in order to create works of beauty. So it should not be surprising that author, graphic artist, and hand-knit designer Anna-Karin Lundberg turned to the richly decorated interiors of the medieval churches in the province of Uppland, Sweden, in her search for ideas for her original knitwear patterns. Her book MEDIEVAL-INSPIRED KNITS provides a stunning photographic glimpse into her country’s religious history while explaining her own fascination with the motifs, colors, and shapes of the Middle Ages. Lundberg then seamlessly translates the luxurious swirling vine patterns, graceful borders, and exciting color combinations from dozens of dramatic mural paintings and period textiles into sumptuous modern-day knits anyone can wear.

Whether you are headed to a Renaissance festival or just looking to don a stunning piece for work or weekend shopping, Lundberg’s book shines a fresh and glorious light on the look of the Middle Ages, proving that what’s old can indeed be made new again…with yarn and knitting needles as the means of reinvention!


MEDIEVAL-INSPIRED KNITS is available now from the TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is FREE.

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