Free Pattern: Atlantic Crossing Sweater!

Free Pattern: Atlantic Crossing Sweater!

Screenshot from

Fun knitting fact for fans of the PBS Masterpiece series Atlantic Crossing: During the German occupation, Norwegians knitted pro-Norwegian slogans and designs that honored King Haakon, as an act of resistance! The royal family also favored traditional Norwegian patterning in their own clothes (including the three-year-old then-Prince Harald, pictured below), a timeless look that persists today in contemporary Norwegian knitting.

Prince Harald, shown above a few days after his third birthday, wore the same outfit when the royal family fled Norway on the night of April 9, 1940, to escape the German invasion. The knitted sweater was saved so we know that the outfit was all red and white. (Photo and fact from MITTENS FROM AROUND NORWAY by Nina Granlund Sæther, published by TSB.)

If you’re following Atlantic Crossing, or just a fan of Scandinavian knitting, we want to give you a free pattern that resembles the one worn by Prince Harald. Please enjoy “Autumn Blocks” from our new book SCANDINAVIAN SWEATERS by Kristin Wiola Ødegård.

From Scandinavian Sweaters by Kristin Wiola Ødegård, published by TSB.

For more information about SCANDINAVIAN SWEATERS, click here. (Plus find all kinds of Scandinavian crafting books, full of fun facts like these, at our online bookstore

For more about Atlantic Crossing, see the official preview below or click here.

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FREE Easter Knitting Pattern: Tulip Socks

FREE Easter Knitting Pattern: Tulip Socks

Just in time for the weekend, this free knitted sock pattern is springing up here for you to enjoy! (And if you knit quickly, you can even treat the Easter Bunny…)

Edelgard Janssen and Ute Eismann have elevated sock knitting into an art form in their book SOCK ART. Inspired by nature and the treasures of ancient cultures, fascinating designs that stimulate the senses are their for the plucking: A fresh Lily of the valley pattern lets go spring fragrance into the nose, fiery red lizard socks radiate the shimmering heat of Africa, a color harmony in Azure brings back memories of Greece…and so much more.

SOCK ART by Edelgard Janssen & Ute Eismann is available from our online bookstore, where shipping in the US is FREE.

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FREE BOOK of Cardigan Patterns!

FREE BOOK of Cardigan Patterns!

Taylor Swift’s pandemic album Folklore, featuring the hit song “Cardigan,” won the Grammy for Album of the Year, and we’re celebrating with a FREE BOOK OFFER!

That’s right! MY FAVORITE CARDIGANS TO KNIT by designer Birgitta Forslund, featuring 24 patterns. “A collection of cardigans that span the seasons, drawing inspiration from work and play,” says Knit Simple. “Whatever your passion (pottery? theater? the tango?), you’ll find the perfect layering piece. … Chic choices abound no matter your mood.”

Click the button below to order your FREE BOOK:

As Taylor Swift proved this past year, the cardigan sweater is always in style, and there are many ways to wear it: unbuttoned with a belt around the waist, buttoned up for warmth and comfort, or maybe a cropped design over a dress or your exercise outfit. The possibilities are endless, and the advantage of knitting your own is you can make changes to fit your body and your style. Play with color, make it longer or shorter, add a pocket or collar…create your own one-of-a-kind cardigan.

Let’s celebrate CARDIGANS! We want to give you a FREE BOOK of patterns! CLICK HERE

Watch Taylor Swift’s performance at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards:

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Knit with Love…and Do It in Time for Valentine’s Day! FREE PATTERN!

Knit with Love…and Do It in Time for Valentine’s Day! FREE PATTERN!

Trying to figure out what to do for someone special this Valentine’s Day? Nothing says you care like something handmade, and we have just the ticket: These “Knit with Love” socks are yours for the making! From the popular WILD MITTENS & UNRULY SOCKS by Lumi Karmitsa, these socks say it all.

We really LOVE seeing what you make, so post pics and tag us on FB and IG with your Valentine’s creations!

Trafalgar Square Books, publisher of fine equestrian and craft books, is a small business based on a farm in rural Vermont.

Love Ella Emhoff’s Handmade Style? Here’s a Free Pattern!

Love Ella Emhoff’s Handmade Style? Here’s a Free Pattern!

There’s no denying she’s got a super-fun and distinctive look, and we of course LOVE the fact that she uses knit and crochet to express herself through fashion.

From the New York Times January 28 Article by Vanessa Friedman and Jessica Testa

If you follow Ella Emhoff on Instagram, you’ve seen some of her playful and colorful creations. She’s closed to commissions, and of course, as reported by the New York Times last week, embarking on a modeling career, so there’s little chance we’ll score a pair of her coveted striped or patchwork knit pants. BUT, we found a pattern for handknit tights in our book KNITTING EVERYDAY FINERY by Mel Clark that feels like something right out of Ella’s closet. And we’re giving it to you! Free!

From Knitting Everyday Finery by Mel Clark

CLICK HERE for more information about KNITTING EVERYDAY FINERY, or to order.

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Knit Bernie-Like Mittens: Free Pattern!

Knit Bernie-Like Mittens: Free Pattern!

No one can escape the Bernie memes today, and it has filled us with all sorts of craft-loving joy to know that his now infamous mittens are upcycled and handmade by a fellow Vermonter (check her out HERE). We are partial to practical warmth in New England, and chunky wool mittens are just the ticket.

In the spirit of sharing inspired by yesterday’s events, and inspired by our Senator’s Vermont style, we’re offering a free mitten pattern with simple diamond blocks in black and gray from our bestselling book MITTENS FROM AROUND NORWAY. There is a cross inside each block and the thumb is knitted in a typical fishbone pattern, with several features in common with typical men’s handwear from the Gauldal district of Norway, dating around 1868.

For more information about MITTENS FROM AROUND NORWAY, visit the TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is FREE.

Trafalgar Square Books, publisher of fine equestrian and craft books, is a small business based on a farm in rural Vermont.

Best Craft Books of 2020

Best Craft Books of 2020

As we quite happily turn the page on an incredibly challenging year, we look back to see what we accomplished in the midst of the madness. Here are the craft books we published in 2020:


Entrelac Knitting by Heidi Eikeland and Mette Hovden

Entrelac was an entry in Norway’s official “red list” of endangered handcrafts: a traditional design element so rarely worked in contemporary patterns that knowledge of it had been deemed at risk of dying out. This collection of 40 projects captures the exceptional and distinctive “woven” look of entrelac, including both striking multi-color designs and elegant single-color patterns.


Wild Mittens & Unruly Socks 2 by Lumi Karmitsa

Lumi Karmitsa, author of the bestselling WILD MITTENS & UNRULY SOCKS, is back with a brand-new collection that features her trademark eye for color, unmistakable style, and sense of fun.


Jorid Linvik’s Big Book of Knits for Kids by Jorid Linvik

Bestselling Scandinavian knit designer Jorid Linvik’s latest collection draws on her characteristic ability to fill every pattern with warmth, charm, and color, in 45 delightfully distinctive designs for kids from newborn to eight years old. 


Norwegian Knitting Designs–90 Years Later by Wenche Roald and Annichen Sibbern Bøhn

Over 30 exquisitely adapted patterns from the timeless Norwegian classic by Annichen Sibbern Bøhn. Includes a fully translated facsimile edition of the original 1929 book!


Favorite Rag Rugs by Tina Ignell

Creating rag rugs has enthralled weavers for over a century. Now you, too, can recycle your favorite fabrics and transform them into unique rugs that will bring a striking personal touch to every room in your home. Tina Ignell’s superb selection provides you a wealth of inspiration, conveniently paired with practical instruction.


Scandinavian Sweaters by Kristin Wiola Ødegård

Knit designer Kristin Wiola Ødegård has brought together some of her best-loved original patterns alongside brand-new designs to form a striking and eye-catching selection of sweaters and cardigans, for women and men, featuring her signature attention to detail, skill with unusual color combinations, and distinctly Scandinavian style.


Squares, Stripes & Lice by Hanne Dale and Siri Angela Gamborg, edited by Ann Kristin Ramstrøm

One of the oldest textile factories in Norway operated outside Bergen for over 130 years, producing thousands of sweaters and other durable everyday clothes such as wool and cotton underwear and woolen socks. The technical limitations of the knitting machines of the day gave rise to timeless geometric motifs with strikingly distinctive features―motifs which inspired this striking collection of handknit garments.


Nordic Knits with Birger Berge by Birger Berge

Knitting superstar Birger Berge combines his own distinctly modern style, a love of contrasts and dynamic color combinations, and the classic beauty of Norwegian patterning in a collection of gorgeous knitwear designs. 


Knitting Baby Blankets & Cuddle Bags by Marta Skadsheim Torkildsen

This collection of soft, sweet patterns is a wonderful place to find inspiration. With dozens of designs—ranging in size from snuggly cuddle bags to complete child-sized bedspreads, and including a variety of colors, styles, and difficulty levels—there’s something here to offer every family warmth and comfort.

We are so grateful for all our authors, and for the readers and viewers whose support is essential to our company’s survival. Wishing everyone a safe and peaceful New Year.

The TSB Staff

Trafalgar Square Books, publisher of fine equestrian and craft books, is a small business based on a farm in rural Vermont.

We’re Grateful This Holiday Season

We’re Grateful This Holiday Season

The snow has piled high outside the TSB offices in Vermont, and we are feeling grateful for many things.

In a year that challenged us all in ways few of us ever expected, we are grateful to all the readers, crafters, and lovers of knitting, crochet, and weaving who have supported our amazingly creative and talented authors and our small company’s mission to publish high quality books “where beautiful crafts begin.”

Thank you, and Happy Holidays from all of us at TSB.

Caroline, Martha, Rebecca, Kim, Amy, Lizzie, and Marilyn

FREE Spooky Socks Pattern!

If you want to be freaked out by your feet, we’ve got a FREE knitting pattern that’s just the terrifying ticket. One of 22 unique patterns in Lumi Karmitsa’s WILD MITTENS & UNRULY SOCKS 2, a collection of imaginative pattern concepts using vivid yarns, these hard-partying skulls will bring a smile to your face, whether knitting them, wearing them, or watching them dance away.

CLICK HERE to download your FREE pattern.

WILD MITTENS & UNRULY SOCKS 2, and Lumi Karmitsa’s first book WILD MITTENS & UNRULY SOCKS, are both available from the TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is FREE.

CLICK HERE for more information or to order now.

Happy Halloween!

Trafalgar Square Books, publisher of fine equestrian and craft books, is a small business based on a farm in rural Vermont.

Celebrating Sweater Weather

Celebrating Sweater Weather

Fallen leaves, ripe apples, a touch of frost: fall is in full swing, in all the best ways. For handcrafters, there’s nothing quite like a crisp, cool autumn day wearing your favorite sweater … or making one! Sweaters are a knitter’s paradise—the possibilities are endless, the sheer variety mindblowing. Cardigans or pullovers, buttons or tie belts; cables, colorwork, or textures; steeks, bands, ribbing, or edgings of all kinds, for just the right finishing touch. The perfect sweater for everyone is out there, just waiting to be knitted.

Cardigans Are “It” This Year

Everybody loves the thought of wrapping themselves up in a stylish long cardigan. We’re seeing all the big celebs trot the style out this year. Comfortable, versatile, and the perfect easy-to-throw-on extra layer as the days grow shorter, cardigans are a classic for a reason; and the drape and warmth of a long cardigan give it that extra something special. Long cardigans worked in thick, soft yarn are the perfect replacement for a jacket or a fleece, wearable indoors and out, textured and touchable and ready to keep you warm all season long.

See these delicious examples from our book FAROE ISLAND KNITS:

Give It Something “Extra”

So many of the timeless traditional sweater patterns from cold-weather regions are worked with stranded knitting in multiple colors, and it’s easy to see why: multi-color knits are naturally layered, making them a little extra-chunky—and extra-warm! It’s just a bonus that classic sweater motifs are so striking and never go out of style, and can be worked in any selection of colors you please.


Make It Cable

And of course a sweater is the ideal project for cable combinations, sturdy and cozy and perfect for fall. A soft tweed or heather yarn in a gorgeous earthy tone is all you need to make a few cables really pop, and who doesn’t love a hand-worked Aran knit? Cables are a perennial favorite of knitters everywhere for warm, comfortable garments with both elegance and flattering fit, the ultimate addition to everyone’s autumn wardrobe!


No matter the look you’re after or the colors in your stash, you can welcome fall in style with the right sweater. How’s your closet looking this October—and what are you thinking about adding to it? Let us know…we love to hear from you!

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Trafalgar Square Books, publisher of fine equestrian and craft books, is a small business based on a farm in rural Vermont.